Sango Ota Toll Gate in disarray

Exclusive photos for OtaNEWS by our correspondent Ben Ezeohagwu shows the chaotic conditions at the Toll Gate. Ota never had it this bad during the tenure of Amosun. What we are talking about is not praise singing because the evidences are there and clear.

Right now, Toll Gate is blocked because of some road construction works going on there. There seems to be no date for it’s completion.

Sango / Oju Oore road is not motorable at all, as these pictures can confirm. There are so many other roads in Ota begging for attention. And they’re all major, not access roads.

Governor Abiodun definitely has to roll up his sleeves and do more work. He might be doing his best now, but it is not enough. Real work is done, usually, in the incumbents’ first term to deserve a second term.

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