Lion Bisi Akanbi

Lion Bisi Akanbi charges CDA members to be careful in passing Information

The chairman of Aseyori ACDC, Lion (Elder) Bisi Akanbi has admonished CDA members to be careful in sharing information without verification. He warned that such acts can scatter the Community.

Lion Akanbi  was responding to the Welcome Address read on the floor of the monthly Aseyori ACDC general meeting held on Thursday 8th September 2022 at Oko Baale CDA Community Hall, Ota.

The meeting, which was hosted by Oko Baale CDA was the second to be hosted by Oko Baale. The first was held on 10th October, 2019.

Lion Akanbi recalled that he explained to those present at Oko Baale’s inauguration of CDA Executives that government has given opportunities to even tenants who are diligent  in Community work to become CDA ExCo members, up to chairmanship level.

He thanked the Baale of Oko Baale, High Chief Kamilu Akingbade who gave the parcel of land on which Oko Baale Town Hall is built. Lion Akanbi, apparently challenged by this feat, mandated all CDA chairmen, under Aseyori ACDC to submit their names along with a project they are presntly prosecuting in their respective Communities.

He advised all CDA chairmen to fraternize with  the government and the DPO to ease their journey anytime they need help in their CDAs. Elder Akanbi further advised them to recognize and fraternize with the SO SAFE CORPS because they are the representatives of the police and subsequently the government.

He commended Oko Baale CDA for not relenting in their efforts to continually grade their roads. He advised them to start thinking of building a Health Center. Elder Akanbi advised Youth leaders to seek job opportunities for Youths so that they won’t be idle and fall into crime.

He lamented that an Ota based company recently submitted a long list of vacancies for job seekers, but unfortunately, only very few youths responded.

In like manner, the Aseyori ACDC chair expressed regret that he once put a Vacancy (for Youths) on Aseyori ACDC WhatsApp platform, but only a very few applied. But those two that were taken received N105,000 each for their services. He appealed to the youths to avail themselves of these opportunities.

Also responding to minutes of the last meeting, Lion Akanbi appealed to members who are yet to take the three doses of Covid-19 to go and do so. He thanked every donor towards the forthcoming ACDC Zonal meeting, disclosing that only five people are invited from each CDA. He also seized the opportunity to appeal to members to pay Community (Tenement) Rates – N2,000 for Bungalows and N4,000 for Storey Buildings.

He also appealed to CDAs owing dues to pay up and also submit their CDA financial reports.

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