Engr Kolapo Aliu

Ajumoni Ota ACDC Chairman, Engr Kolapo Aliu highlights importance of Oba Adelu CDA

Due to its strategic location, Oba Adelu CDA is very important to Ota. This is because the roads can be followed to connect Abeokuta Expressroad. This is one of the reasons why government should concentrate on the development of the roads at Oba Adelu CDA.

The chairman of Ajumoni Ota ACDC, Engr Kolapo Aliu made these submissions on Wednesday 14th September 2022 while responding to the Welcome Address of the chairman of the CDA, Mr Jide, whose CDA hosted Ajumoni for the month of September 2022.

He commended Oba Adelu CDA for promptly paying their Community (Tenement) Rates and appealed to the government to come to the aid of the CDA in the area of Roads, Security and Transformer. Engr Aliu noted that this will also benefit other Communities in the neighborhood.

The Ajumoni ACDC chairman thanked Dr Shobanjo who gave space on which to put the Transformer anytime it arrives at the Community. He admonished all CDAs to regularize their ExCo list to enhance their inauguration so as to be recognized by government as legitimate CDAs.

Engr Aliu appealed to PVC card holders to come out and vote assuring that their votes will count. He admonished politicians in all CDAs to endeavor to bring dividends of democracy to their CDAs.

On Community Rates, Chief Aliu said that the media has been announcing Community Rates repeatedly and hinted that in the next 3 weeks,, the Local Government will begin to enforce it, adding that there is no waiver for ACDC chairmen and politicians.

On Security, Engr Aliu lamented the mass stealing of phones and SIM cards with which Bank Accounts of victims were accessed and cleared. He also mentioned the case of an Oba and his wife in Sango Ota who were killed on the same day. He reiterated that chairmen of CDAs are the Chief Security Officers of their CDAs.

Answering a question on Iwarefa, a Security Outfit, Chief Aliu said that nowadays, guns are under strict control and only police are allowed to carry guns and Iwarefa used to carry guns when they operated. He disclosed that there is opportunity now for CDA chairmen to forward 4 needs of their CDA to the Local Government.

On Empowerment, Chief Aliu disclosed that government has divided Ado Odo Ota Local Government into Area by Area, not CDA by CDA @ N5,000 per person, per month with 35 beneficiaries targeted per Area to run consistently for 6 months.

On Health

Chief Aliu announced to members that the World Health Organization WHO is moving round Communities to recognize and rewarded any Community that can boast of modern water-system toilets all over its Community. He said WHO is ready to reward and publicize such Community. This move, according to Engr Aliu is aimed at controlling Open Defecation.

The Ajumoni Ota chairman also used the opportunity of the meeting to announce Seminars on Fish Farming and Extra Large Farm produce. He expressed hope that he intends to be a participant  himself, at the next one.

Seminar for CDA chairmen

Engr Aliu disclosed that there will also be capacity building seminar for CDA chairmen to train them on how to handle difficult issues in their CDAs. He urged chairmen who are yet to go to ShaSHA to get ready as Forms would soon be out. He said that State is still holding on to issue Certificates to new CDAs for now until further notice. Chief Aliu extended the warning of Government on Bush Burning and Refuse Control (PSP patronage) to members.

Ogun State Government Representative at the meeting, Mrs Haruna, in her own contribution, admonished CDA members to be up and doing, pointing out that government is particular on attendance of chairmen at meetings , because reports have it that many chairmen send representatives to meetings and government is against this attitude.

Engr Aliu inaugurated a 5-member Seminar Organizing Committee, comprising 3 men and 2 women which was approved at the meeting.

Among Vendors that came to advertise their products at the meeting was GHT (Good Health Treatment) which deals in Drugs prevents Stroke and cures Types 1 & 2 Diabetes. The other Vendor, Ms Atilola deals in Pain Balms. Her phone Number is 08022204998. The next CDA to Host Ajumoni ACDC General Meeting is Ire Ayo CDA.

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