“Ogun State Civil Service is guided by legislation” – Alhaja Selimot Ottun

“The Ogun State Civil Service is established by legislation and is guided by same.” This was the submission of Alhaja Selimot Ottun, Head of Service of Ogun State Civil Service in an OGTV documentary interview, Oju Koro recently aired from the Station.

Alhaja Ottun, who is currently the fifth Ogun State Head of Service however added that government reviews and upgrade these laws from time to time, for the advancement of the civil service.

On the level of unemployment in the country, the Head of Service, while acknowledging this malaise advised job seekers to apply for whatever job is available and after some time, can be upgraded to the level of whatever certificate they hold. She explained that an NCE or OND certificate holder can come into the Service with School Certificate and later on present his or her NCE or OND for elevation, pointing out that “government encourages education and learning, afterall”.

When asked to comment on the huge disparity between the salary of legislators and civil servants, the Head of Service said she is not competent to speak on that, explaining that she is on the Executive arm of government while “we have the Judiciary and the Legislature, all independent of each other but yet, working together in harmony”, she concluded.

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