Godwin Kuluje

OGOTEDO CDA Chairman, Godwin Kuluje Releases Blueprint for his Tenure

The chairman of Ogotedo CDA, Oju Ore, Ota, Mr Godwin Kuluje has released his blueprint for the 2022/2025 fiscal year.

In his Welcome Address to Aseyori ACDC ExCo, other chairmen of CDAs as well as State, Local Government representatives and Pressmen, Kuluje expressed appreciation to all who have made it possible for him to emerge as the new chairman of Ogotedo CDA for the current administrative year.

Chairman Kuluje (extreme right) with members of his ExCo…at the meeting

Kuluje noted that leadership comes with great responsibilities, adding that he is the 5th chairman of Ogotedo CDA and the first non-indigene to occupy that position. He also stated that he would have been made Baale being the first non-indigene landlord in the CDA.

Chairman Kuluje observed that the achievements of his CDA so far, from inception had been from Self-Help via the financial inputs of well-meaning members of Ogotedo CDA as well as general contributions from members.

He specifically mentioned and appreciated the contributions of Late Chief Oke, Mr Samson Osewa of Ambassadors College, Dr Kukoyi of Medicare Hospitals, Dr Shodipo, Mr Taiwo Tijani, Mr Orokunle Samson, Lawyer Sanni, Prince Oyewole Samuel, Alhaja Arikewuyo aka Yirondo and Chief Obalanlege of Javy Royal College as well as all past chairmen of the CDA.

Kuluje chronicled the list of projects he and his ExCo have mapped out for execution this year (2022) as follows:

(1) NO ENTRY signage at all Entry points

(2) Eradication of water-log from the main gate of the CDA

(3) Filling of some water laden Street roads

Chairman Kuluje went further to unveil some of his planned projects as follows:

(1) Digging of drainage system (Gutters) in all roads in Ogotedo CDA

(2) Street Lighting

(3) Repair of Roads

(4) Upgrading of the Community Office from it’s present condition to a higher level.

Kuluje went further to mark up a few Streets that need special and urgent attention in repairs.

Those he highlighted include, but not limited to: Orokunle, Taiwo Tijani, Mukaila Olabanji and Amazing Grace Streets.

Chairman Kuluje appraised the peaceful coexistence in Ogotedo CDA, irrespective of tribe or tongue or gender, pointing out that this had been the core secret of the rapid development of Ogotedo CDA.

He noted that his Community has no poor people because both rich and poor blend together very perfectly.

However, Kuluje appealed to government not to take CDAs for granted adding that even if government cannot give money, they can still help CDAs by providing equipments like graders, tractors and caterpillars.

On Security, Kuluje thanked God that his CDA had been relatively safe except for a few burglaries here and there thereby appealing to members to cooperate by jointly policing the community.

He appealed for more regular attendance at CDA meetings from landlords or their proxies.

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