Elder (Lion) Bisi Akanbi

ASEYORI ACDC Chairman, Elder Akanbi projects Community Policing as best Security Method

The chairman of Aseyori ACDC, Elder (Lion) Bisi Akanbi has projected Community Policing as the best method of securing our communities.

In his response to the minutes of the last general meeting of his ACDC, Elder Akanbi, while addressing chairmen of CDAs, State and Local Government representatives at the General Meeting hosted by Ogotedo CDA on Thursday 11th August, 2022, admonished members of CDAs to “be their brothers’ keeper”

He was of the view that such self-help efforts would boost security awareness and help ensure safety of lives and properties in the communities.

Elder Akanbi also seized the opportunity to appeal to community people to desist from bush burning and indiscriminate dumping of refuse. He reminded the House that the next ACDC Zonal meeting comes up in October.

In his response to the Welcome Address earlier delivered by Kuluje, the host chairman of Ogotedo, Lion Akanbi commended Ogotedo CDA, especially the well meaning people in the community for robustly contributing towards projects in the CDA and making wealth go round so that poor people in the CDA are adequately covered.

Elder Akanbi went further to admonish youths in the community to come out and embrace community work because the elders in the community would grow old one day and would want to handover to them. He adviced all chairmen who are yet to attend Shasha to do so.

The immediate past chairman of Ajumoni ACDC, Alhaji WAO Adeyinka was also briefly at the meeting. He admonished members to pay up their Community Rates on time to encourage government to carry out their responsibility.

The former chairman also encouraged people to go for the covid-19 vaccine and announced the venues where they can receive it.

He encouraged Kuluje to put in his best, assuring him of a 2nd term if he does well. Alhaji Adeyinka appealed to the people of Ogotedo CDA to cooperate with Kuluje and help him succeed.

The Councillor representing Ota Ward II, Honourable Talabi was also at the meeting where he appealed to people to go out and vote during the forthcoming general elections so that they will enjoy dividends of democracy.

KEDI HEALTHCARE Industries was at the meeting to market Healthcare products. So also were Eye Doctors that tested people for eye defects and recommending appropriate eye glasses for affordable fees.

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