Canada voted best country in the world while Nigeria remains unrankable

Canada has claimed first prize in the annual 2021 Best Countries Report. For the first time in the study’s six year history, Canada has been deemed the globe’s best country overall, usurping incumbent country Switzerland, which has held the title since 2017. The Best Countries Report is a yearly ranking released by US News & […]

Husayn Nazarali iPad thief caught

Canadian national Husayn Nazarali caught after stealing an iPad from an AirBnB (private bed and breakfast lodgings) accommodation. Read more on AirBnB Hell. Husayn Nazarali described as an ‘AirBnB guest from hell’ is an employee of Fluent Home in Edmonton, home security camera systems and has also worked at Trebor Personnel Inc. (TPI). Uncensored Airbnb […]