Femi Fani-Kayode’s wife blasts his ‘desperate’ lover Precious Chikwendu

Regina, the first wife of a former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has waded into the ongoing disagreement between her husband and his estranged second wife, Precious Chikwendu, saying the ex-beauty queen came desperate and needed help when she met the ex-minister.

Ms Chikwendu claimed that there was a violent union and that the ex-minister physically abused her while they were married. She also accused him of beating her up on several occasions including when she was pregnant.
The ex-beauty queen, who is demanding custody of their four sons, made the allegations in an affidavit she deposed in support of an originating motion brought pursuant to Section 69 of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003.

Ms Chikwendu, who alleged that the ex-minister denied her access to her children for several months, asked the court to compel Fani-Kayode to give her a monthly payment of N3.5m for the upkeep of the four sons.
The news of their separation was made public in September 2020.
But In a statement on Saturday, Mrs Fani-Kayode claimed Chikwendu had written defamatory and scandalous things about her husband which were false.

‘‘Precious Chikwendu, a strange woman that he took under his roof, married under law and custom, and lived with for seven years. Who are you trying to fool? You are nothing but a wretched ingrate and God will punish you and all your siblings for your ingratitude and lies.,’’
‘‘Precious, you are just a sick woman and a big liar. I know you collected over half a million USD dollars from Femi within the first few months of meeting him for a fake investment. We have witnesses to prove it and remember that you even asked me to thank him for it. I also know he set you up in one business or the other four times in seven years and got you offices etc. but you squandered it all’’.
The businesswoman cum pastor also confirmed that she is legally married to the ex-minister.
She also explained that she allowed Mr Fani-Kayode to marry his Precious Chikwendu despite their union because he told her he was a bit lonely and needed somebody.
Although she earlier claimed that she liked Ms Chikwendu, that now appears to be history as both women are no longer friends.
Her statement, ‘‘You knew he was still married to me because you and I spoke countless times on the phone and you even stayed in my room and wore my clothes. ‘‘You had nothing when he took you in, you are so ungrateful. Six of your relatives lived in my house for six years and they were all depending on Femi for food, upkeep, medical bills, and school fees. Even your sister’s wedding was paid for by him’’.

Like her husband, Mrs Fani-Kayode also described Ms Chikwendu as a pathological liar and a slanderer whose lies will be proven in court.
Mr Fani-Kayode had earlier blasted his estranged wife and claimed she has severe bipolar disorder.
Mrs Fani-Kayode’s said, “When you came to my husband and took over my home you and your family were like hungry refugees. You had nothing but rubber slippers and you were desperate for help.
“My husband sent three of your siblings to the best schools for seven years and took care of their every need yet you now slander him and insult him not minding the effect it will have on your own children. That in itself proves that you are insane.
“You say he has mental issues meanwhile you were the one that was locked up in a mental hospital for one month after trying to kill him and his children. You stated in the home of a man with mental problems for six years and allowed your mother, Aunty, two brothers, and sisters to stay there too?

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