Alhaji Adekunle Alao chairman Surulere Okoosi CDA

“Our Achievements and Challenges so far” – Alhaji Adekunle Alao, Surulere Okoosi Chairman

“We believe that there are no achievements without challenges as a Community Development Association” This was the declaration of Alhaji Adekunle Alao in his Welcome Address to Ajumoni ACDC Executive Council Members on Wednesday 11th May 2022, during the hosting of Ajumoni ACDC Monthly General meeting held at Suruler Okoosi CDA Grounds in the Dental Area of Ota near Oju ore.

Members of Surulere Okoosi CDA

“However”, according to Alhaji Alao, “We are doing our best to solve many of these obstacles and we are placing the following before you to assist us through the relevant Agencies as follows…”
(a) The issue of bad roads and drainage problems in the community, especially the major ones such as Dental-Ewupe Road, Fadina, leading to Oju ore.
(b) Provision of more Transformers to cope with the ever-increasing work load due to population surge

Alhaji Alao listed the achievements of his CDA as follows…
(1) On Security, Alhaji Alao thanked God for the peace enjoyed in the Community because the CDA never experienced any fatal Security challenge since his administration came into office. The CDA chairman however attributed this success in the area of Security to the cooperation of members of his CDA in paying Security levies promptly and regularly and taking security matters, meetings and seminars seriously.

(2) On Street Lights, Alhaji Alao submitted that this had been done to forestall burglary and evil nocturnal acts.

(3) On Electricity, the CDA chairman disclosed that his CDA is doing all it’s best in procurement and maintenance of Transformers, cables and poles. He added that most of the wooden poles in his CDA had been changed to concrete poles, adding that all financial and physical commitments on Electricity were always promptly borne by the CDA as they fall due.

(4) Dental Gate Installation and Road Maintenance
Alhaji Alao disclosed further that his CDA had always joined with other CDAs to grade the Roads and maintain them as well as well as the Installation and Maintenance of the Security Gate at one of the entrances to the Community known as Dental Gate Bus stop

(5)Covid-19 Palliative –
Alhaji Alao recalled that his CDA gave out palliatives in form of food items to vulnerable members of the Community to cushion their situation as a show of love and concern

(6) On Health, Alhaji Alao announced that his CDA ably participated in all Health programmes done by the Local and State Governments.

Earlier in his speech, the CDA chairman recalled that the meeting was the 2nd ACDC meeting to be hosted by his CDA, Surulere Okoosi. He thanked Ajumoni ACDC chairman, Chief Kolapo Aliu and his hardworking ExCo. Alhaji Alao also thanked all members of his ExCo, pioneer chairman of the CDA, for laying a solid foundation for subsequent incoming ExCos, as well as all members of Surulere Okoosi CDA.

Alhaji Alao closed his address by honoring two members of the CDA who had passed on. They are Chief Basiru Okoosi, Parakoyi Oloja of Ota who was the pioneer chairman of the CDA. He also mentioned Mr Adediran, another pioneer member of the community. He prayed for God to repose their souls and for God to give their dependants fortitude to bear their losses, while confessing that the community really missed them.

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