Chief Kolapo Aliu

Ajumoni Ota ACDC Chairman,  Chief Kolapo Aliu admonishes CDA members not to do ‘jungle justice’ on arrested robbers

Ajumoni Ota ACDC chairman, Chief Kolapo Aliu has admonished Community members not to take the law into their own hands by beating or inflicting wounds that may lead to the death of robbers caught in the act in the Communities.

Chief Aliu was addressing CDA chairmen today, 13th April 2022 at the ACDC General Meeting hosted by Ota GRA CDA held at Ota Recreation Club, GRA, Ota.

Chief Aliu strongly appealed to the CDA chairmen to enjoin their members to desist from doing’ jungle justice’ on robbers or burglars caught in their Communities, but rather to handover such robbers to the police or any of the law enforcement agency that mar be nearest to them for proper and fair prosecution.

The ACDC chairman recounted many unfortunate situations where robbers or burglars were caught and beaten to death on the spot. He recalled that such cases are usually prosecuted as murder cases. But on the contrary, when armed robbers kill, they are not usually prosecuted as murder cases. This, he said is the sad irony of the unfortunate situation.

He warned CDA chairmen to ensure that Security men do not take home their Security guns, but rsther keep it within the Community they work as Security men, otherwise no-one would vouch for them if they are accused of committing atrocities with the guns, outside the Communities they are employed to guard.

Chief Aliu advised members of the Communities to be circumspect in their conduct so that their neighbors  would develop interest in becoming active members of CDAs. He further admonished CDA members to cooperate with CDA ExCos by paying their Community (Tenement) Rates promptly to their CDA appointed Collectors who would then channel it to the Local Governments. The rate is N2,000 for Bungalow and N4,000 for Storey Buildings.

He advised members to go for the covid-19 vaccine injection, pointing out that he himself had taken all the 3 doses. He enjoined members to assist the poor, elderly and jobless in their Communities.

On the forthcoming CDA elections, Chief Aliu cautioned CDA members not to be disorderly or rancorous or violent during the exercise.

He advised members to elect people of worth, who have time and can at least read and write. Shasha, he said, is necessary, though not compulsory, provided such candidate would go for Shasha Training immediately afterwards.

Chief Aliu said that the incumbent chairman should be given the privilege to appoint the INEC. However, CDA chairmen who, for one reason or the other cannot conduct successful shadow elections should inform the ACDC well in advance.

Chief Aliu reiterated that all CDAs must settle their accounts before the day of the elections. They must provide their Certificate of Incorporation. He added that election fees are not fixed but it is expected that CDAs package reasonable envelopes for ACDC representatives that are present to conduct the elections.

In her own contribution, the Local Government Official present, Mrs Adeosun commended Ota GRA CDA, extolling the qualities of the people in the GRA, especially as regards development in the Community.

While asking for the Statement of Account of Ota GRA, she strongly advocated for the election of worthy people to carry on the good works of Prince Ogundipe and his ExCo.

Mrs Adeosun emphasized that CDA elections should carry every member along and pointed out that Shasha  graduates are preferably acceptable.

In his own contribution, the Commander of So-safe in Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Area, CFC Dada Wasiu expressed regret that after the regular Armed Forces like Police, Army, Navy, Air Force and Civil Defense, So-safe comes next, yet, government is not encouraging them with funds and equipments.

Dada said So-safe is closest to the Communities than the other regular forces.

Dada lamented that his corpsmen were over 160 numerically on inception, but now, they are barely up to 60 because of lack of funds to maintain them.

Other side attractions at the meeting were Vendors from Extra Large Farms that came to market farm products, Leadway Insurance Company that was present to market Insurance policies. Prepaid meter officials also came to answer queries from aggrieved community members. Sellers Healing Balm that heals lumbago and body aches was also there to market their products.

The next meeting of Ajumoni Ota ACDC will be hosted by Surulere Okoosi CDA on the 11th of May 2022.

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